Dear Friends,

Easthampton is a great community for so many reasons. Our great schools, active downtown and a diverse, friendly, family-oriented way of life have so much to offer people of all ages. Most importantly for us, it is a place where many residents are strongly committed to the values of the Democratic Party.

Throughout Easthampton we are fortunate to have many dedicated people actively engaged in Democratic politics. Each year our membership commits time and energy to support the election of inspirational Democratic leaders in our city, state and throughout the nation. We know that the strength of our party is built on the involvement of people at the local level; we know that politics is local and we work hard to keep this foundation strong in Easthampton.

If you are already involved with the party, thank you and keep up the great work! If you are not, and would like to learn more, please consider getting involved today. Come to a meeting or attend one of our events. You are always welcome. Membership in the Democratic Party of Easthampton is a great way to make new friends, meet neighbors and promote a philosophy of government which will uphold values we believe are so important to our country’s success at all levels of representation.

For more detailed information about our upcoming meetings and events click here.

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